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Download, Unzip and Run the Virtual Machine
1. Unzip the virtual machine by copying all of the .rar files into one directory and running WinRAR (
2. Import the VM into hypervisor of your choice (the OVF file works with most hypervisors including VMware and Microsoft's Hyper-V). If you don't have a hypervisor, you can download VMware Server 2.0 for free.
3. Start the OpenAHLTA VM
4. Open Console
5. Login as administrator with password ADMIN1234$$
6. Activate the Windows 2008 Server with your own product key (optional - you can evaluate it without a license key for up to 240 days)
7. Configure server settings (default is 1 CPU, 2GB RAM, DHCP, Computer name: openahlta)

Install the OpenAHLTA client on client workstations
1. Connect to \\openahlta\openahlta
2. Install mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.6-win32.exe
3. Install OpenAHLTA1.0\setup.exe
4. Double click on the OpenAHLTADB.reg file

To configure your OpenAHLTA client to connect to a different database server or if you changed the computer name of this server

1. Edit the OpenAHLTADB.reg file
2. Modify the entry "MYSQL_DataSource"="openahlta"
3. Change the "openahlta" value to the computer name or ip address that you want OpenAHLTA to connect to.
4. Double click on the OpenAHLTADB.reg file to import it into your registry.

The administrator username and password for OpenAHLTA is:
Username: sysadmin
Password: Tmip1234567890$$

Run OpenAHLTA Security to add new user accounts.

See the documentation on how to use OpenAHLTA Security or OpenAHLTA.

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